Movember is time to raise awareness for men’s health … so, in this video we show you how to make some moustache cookie pops that will get some attention!

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Moustache cookie pop ingredients:
• sugar cookie dough (recipe here
• royal icing coloured grey, brown and black (recipe here
• mustache chocolate/candy mold (the one I found is made by Wilton)
• black sanding sugar
• flour
• lollipop stick/cake pop stick

Lightly flour the mustache mold. Using a piece of dough press it firmly into the mold, making sure that there are no air gaps. Remove excess dough from the top of the mold with a sharp knife, simply by cutting straight across. Remove dough by turning mold upside down and tapping lightly if needed. Place on parchment lined baking tray and insert lollipop stick. Repeat until desired number of cookies are formed. Place cookie tray into a preheated oven 400F and bake for 8-10 minutes until edges are golden brown. Allow to cool completely. Prepare royal icing and fit piping bags with small round tips (I used Wilton #5 tips). Follow along the lines on the cookies from the mold, and pipe lines of royal icing to be like the hair of a mustache. If using black royal icing, add black sanding sugar for an extra affect. Allow to dry overnight, or 24 hours before serving.

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